Improve exploration of active data feeds, get rid of deprecated dashboards

Just to take a quick note:


When exploring the data feeds on, it is easy to get lost while sifting through orphaned data feeds which are dormant or have been used for testing purposes only. It would be cool if we could have a dedicated list of data feeds which just displays the active ones actually receiving data.


We should employ two things:

  • Display a list of active data feeds based on given freshness threshold to make exploration more convenient.
  • Regular cleanups of deprecated dashboards to get hold of dashboard creep.


We are aware of that problem already and always wanted to improve the usability in this area. Thanks @lorenzo for bringing this up again, so we will prioritize accordingly.


While saying this, all members having their dashboards in Imkerliche Daten (modulo Berlin Wedding) and Imkerliche Daten: Open Hive should receive updates regularly. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

Sepp ist offline, Jörg and Frank also (temp??)! should I delete it from the list? For me its not clear what this list is for. Listing active dashboards only?