GrafanaCONline May, 20th 2020: What's the bee-weather & how to correct particulate-matter readings

This year’s GrafanaCon takes place online starting from Wednesday, May 13th this week until 29th with two talks nearly every workday. I am happy that my submission for a talk about our work in visual representation of bees, weather and particulate matter within Grafana was accepted.

The talk
What’s the bee-weather & how to correct particulate-matter readings (in Grafana, of course)
was streamed on Wednesday, May, 20th 2020, 17:30 UTC, 19:30 CEST.

It covers the work behind our future- & past-combining meteogram, our bee-weather dashboard and a sneak preview of what @Andreas and me did for the Belgium environmental agency in order to make particulate-matter readings from the low-cost-sensor network at the one hand comparable with official readings and on the other compensatable with measurements from other networks, too.

I will be available during the talk for questions in some chat and there will be a little Q&A afterwards in Grafana’s Slack SaaP-instance. Stay tuned!


Short reminder: That’s tonight! :)

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Btw. It’s free!

I am just about to view this and I know right away, that I will miss the applause in the end! @wtf and of course all of us @community.