Grafana Worldmap Panel 0.3.0-dev series


Editor view improvements

Last but not least, the editor view layout has been adjusted to account for the growing number of settings. While being at it, some controls and their mechanics have been improved.


Start repainting the user interface (commit)

The number of features and the corresponding editor options already made learning and operating this panel slightly cumbersome. This humbly tries to bring in some fresh air to the user interface in order to improve this situation and make things more clear to the operator.

Refactor machinery and user interface (commit)

This turned out to be a major refactoring and improves the plugin across the board. The editor user interface now is way more clear about what it is aiming at and its interactivity got improved to support the operator while tuning its knobs.


Location source, data format and mapping

Visual options


Data format and mapping flavor


Map viewport defaults (center, zoom level)



Verbose notifications about warnings and errors

The internal machinery now yields verbose warnings and error messages into the user interface.


Refactor machinery and user interface (commit)

Along the lines, appropriate exception and error handling has been introduced to signal error conditions and warnings to the user which helps tremendously when configuring and operating this plugin.


These are pairs of “invalid setting” <=> “user warning” each. It should give you an idea what this is all about.

Wrong data format selected

image image

Parameters missing

image image

Wrong field names

image image

Failed JSON responses

image image

Multiple error domains

As misconfiguration might have happened at different places and advanced processing sequences might emit notifications at different steps, there might even be multiple error messages originating at different parts of the plugin – let’s call them “application domains” or “subsystems”. Both of the examples below demonstrate this well where one message is originating at the “data domain” and the other one at the “location domain” of the Grafana Worldmap Panel.

Being implemented through a generic ErrorManager, the general idea and main part of this humble notification subsystem might be considered to be used for other plugins as well.

image image


Currently, we are using the designated tooltip drop in the upper left panel corner as this is the place Grafana users are accustomed to. However, this might change in the future to display some of this information in the editor view only as some details might have to be hidden from the average user while still being visible to the panel operator.


Hey, great stuff! But … sorry … feature request!

I’d like to define a “max zoom-level” when “fit to data” is enabled. Background: We are drawing two “selected stations from different networks” side-by-side. These might be some blocks away, the default max. zoom-level won’t help for orientation.


Thanks for writing in and reporting this. We have been able to fix this through Add "maxZoomLevel" option to accompany the "mapFitData" option · Issue #2 · hiveeyes/grafana-worldmap-panel · GitHub. Have fun!