Generic voltage readings

As I’m planing on operate my next telemetry setup with an ordinary solar panel I extended the system sensor part towards dealing with multiple voltage readings. Please review my commit.

The previous reading system.voltage changes to system.battery-voltage which might have implications to existing data acquisition endpoints!

   11.7713 [terkin.datalogger           ] INFO   : Sensor data:

           humidity.0x77.i2c:0                        51.8876    BME280
           pressure.0x77.i2c:0                        1001.97    BME280
                                    16639    Scale
           scale.0.offset                              -73000    Scale
           scale.0.raw                                    615    Scale
           scale.0.scale                              4.42424    Scale
           system.battery-voltage                       4.617    Battery
                          1.573    Solar Panel
           temperature.0x77.i2c:0                     21.8674    BME280
           temperature.28ff9f4e7315039f.onewire:0       21.75    Inside
           temperature.28ffc95d73150326.onewire:0     21.9375    Inside
           weight.0                                     16639    Scale

Merged into Master. Thanks

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