ESP8266 deep sleep with Hx711

i have esp8266 with battery, i use sht temperature and humidity sensor and hx711 4 cell scale, when it go sleep mode i heard noise which indicate power consumption in sleep mode, what i noticed it looks related to Hx711 chip if i desable the Hx711 noise not there,
i need to minimize the power consumption to allow the battery to last as long as possible
i hope someone could halp,
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Sayed Baqer Alseb3

You can switch off the power rail for the HX711, what library do you use? In case you are using

See HX711/ at master · bogde/HX711 · GitHub

It provides a power_down() function, to put the ADC into a low power mode. According to the datasheet,

When PD_SCK pin changes from low to high and stays at high for longer than 60μs, HX711 enters power down mode.

Use case: Battery-powered scales. Accordingly, there is a power_up() function to get the chip out of the low power mode.

See also HX711/HX711_full_example.ino at master · bogde/HX711 · GitHub for an example with scale.power_down(); and scale.power_up();

i am using HX711_ADC Olav Kallhovd library,
as i am not very well understand bogde library

further check with empty sketch with deep sleep only,
i noticed the noise still there which indicate it is from esp8266 but i dont know what is the real way to resolve

So I would switch to a lib that supports power saving or implement the power saving function in your code have a look at

Be aware that a HIGH pin needs also power while sleeping, have also a look at other sensors that could use unnecessarily power.

i pull it high before going to deep sleep as well but same, looks issue with the esp8266 module,
all what i have in my hand having same issue

noise started with any sketch when deep sleep called

Do not forget! The esp32 does not maintain this Pin-High status during deep sleep.

An internal pull-up resistor must therefore still be declared.
An external 10k (up to max. 50k-to save more Energy) pullup resistor against 3V3 is also a safe choice.

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Michael Kurzweil