Discussion about Fritzing vs. KiCad EDA

Started a few minutes ago, there might be unfolding an interesting discussion, where you might enjoy following the discourse and maybe also grab some interesting links from.



To add some personal thoughts to this topic [1], I would like to quote a paragraph from Creating A PCB In Everything: Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Fritzing | Hackaday :

Also, from the discussion referenced above:


On this matter, I am wondering if WireViz - a tool for easily documenting cables and wiring harnesses and a future, improved version of WireViz-Web might be able to fill this gap appropriately?

Any kinds of thoughts and ideas are welcome on this topic.

  1. Without being a hardware guy at all. ™ ↩︎

KiCad CI/CD pipeline

On a different matter, I would like to outline this quote which I found interesting:

Again, I don’t know very much about the details of those topics, but I was able to discover GitHub - productize/kicad-automation-scripts: A bunch of scripts to automate KiCad processes, which might be helpful to some of you.

Shortly after originally posting this, @sschueller also shared their setup:

See also:

  1. GitHub - INTI-CMNB/kicad_auto: Docker image for KiCad automation scripts suitable for CI/CD ↩︎

  2. GitHub - INTI-CMNB/KiBot: KiCad automation utility ↩︎