Discussing standardization efforts for the Terkin-Sandbox


Coming from Trouble with MicroPython Sandbox setup on Windows, I would like to look at possible standardization efforts within this thread again. Thanks @cgarai for kicking this off.

Dear Chris,

I see your point here. @clemens and I spent quite some time on thinking about how to unlock our efforts for Windows users in a more convenient way. There are even more features and aspects under the hood I use within my daily workflow which would like to get some more love to improve support for Windows users.

Maybe we could take the chance of your visit at our place in order to improve working on these aspects better than others. As Standardize the Terkin-Sandbox using Docker does not look feasible, I am well looking into the direction of Standardize the Terkin-Sandbox using Vagrant here.

With kind regards,

In order to clarify that statement, I would like to add that these more advanced features are currently based on things like Scapy and lftp, which proved to be difficult to support on Windows respectively from within the WSL environment on Windows.

With Standardize the Terkin-Sandbox using Vagrant, we are now starting to look into the direction of appropriate standardization through regular virtual machine mechanisms. @roh will probably also like this.