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Hello, we are a work group made up of 4 artificial intelligence students who are part of the non-profit initiative AISaturdays ( We share your concern about the decline of pollinating bee colonies and that is why we wanted to focus our project on the analysis and prevention of this global threat. We are in the initial phase of our project and we are facing the problem of the lack of quality data with which to start working, and that is why we are writing to you with the hope that you can guide us in this regard. We have been looking for an open database or API related to your initiative, but we have not been able to find it. We would like ask you if it exists a way to access your data so that we can use it in our project. Greetings and thank you very much for your help.

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Hi Marta, we at hiveeyes collet data from muliple beekeeper and hives, unfortuatelly with no common data scheme till now. So some beekeeper send hive weight as “weight” oter as “kg”, some as German “Gewicht”. This is the bad news.

BUT we have a “sister projet”, the BeeObserver (BOB) projekt with Diren, Thorsten, Andreas, Wetter and me involved. We collected and still collectiong data with a standardized monitoring system, see Installation des Sensor-Kit am Bienenstand and also a mandatory and uniform data schema.

Sensor data are not “pure” data, we got a lot of outlier. So we had to do some work to cleaning the data up. The BOB projekt was a citizen science project finanzed by the German Research ministry and is open for other initiatives. We where glad to got help from CorrelAid CorrelAid to do this clean up task and did also some deeper analysis.

I don’t know what is planed as next step in this direction so I will pass this inquiry on to @Diren my former colleague at the University Bremen, she and Thorsten / @tox as BOB project lead. We have also a decent section at the hiveeyes community website for the BOB projekt Bee Observer - Hiveeyes so this is a good starting point to involve other people or beekeeper to get help in case you have questions regardig bee biology or plausibility of data or research outcome.

I think we would highly appreciate your activity in this area and perhaps we can identify some hidden secrets in our bee data.

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Sorry for the late reply. Since we don’t have funding for the project anymore, I became a bit slowly in responding to messages. Maybe we should have a chat about what exactly you want to do with the data. Our data isn’t super clean, so some preprocessing is definitely necessary. We have a meeting of beekeepers and data analysists every first Tuesday of a month, maybe you want to join there? The next meeting is next week. It might be partly in German language, but it is a good way to get to know the project and the people and we could have a chat about the data.