Bringing WireViz to the Web

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after @weef shared WireViz - a tool for easily documenting cables and wiring harnesses with us, we could not resist to think about what it would take to bring this fine tool to the Web.

Thankfully, some people in the community had already made a start on it, so our job was just to pick up those gems and put them into a package.

Here, we want to share some of the research and its outcome with you. Enjoy.

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WireViz integration research

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

WireViz GUI and Service

Within those discussions, Daniel Rojas, Jason, Jürgen Key and Tyler Ward are talking about the baseline work needed to bring the functionality of WireViz into a graphical user interface and a service.

Integration of TeX and WireViz into GitLab through PlantUML

Jürgen Key says:

GitLab already provides integration for PlantUML diagrams. I added two more: Wiring looms and harnesses can be easily and beautifully visualized with WireViz - I integrated this too. And - naturally - TeX formulas are a must…

This is how it works:

At the moment the application relies on two other servers - one for PlantUML and one for WireViz.

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We finally have been able to publish the original code by Jürgen Key and contributors as an overhauled version within the package wireviz-web 0.1.0

… and announced that back to upstream [1].

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  1. [meta] Collaborator discussion · Issue #101 · formatc1702/WireViz · GitHub ↩︎

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