Anthropology and beekeeping

Hello, my name is Aladin. I am from Switzerland. I am a student in visual anthropology in Berlin. I have been working for several years now on beekeeping, as an artist and anthropologist.

For my master program I’m working on a paper about – beekeeping in cyberspace, and how beekeepers use new technology and especially connected hive. For that work I do interviews with different beekeepers and agent from the field of digital. I found your hive eyes project super interesting. I join the community to meet all the actors of the project.

Best regards,

Aladin Borioli

Hello @Aladin_B,

welcome to to the techno-imkers community. Some of us are located in BER as well, so you might find a chance to meet some interesting interview partners.

What will your thesis be about?

gr eins

Hello, thank you for your answer and welcome.

I did a first draft for the semester focus on connected beehive – exploring development in the field of beekeeping due to cyberspace and evolution in new technologies that made possible the connected hive. I examine this new kind of hive from different points of view : practical through interviews and personal research, historical and philosophical ; so I want now to go further into that topic and developed this paper.

It definitely would be great to meet in person. I am in Berlin until the 20th following Thursday.
So if anyone have a short window of time during this short period let know.

I would also like to participate in the forum as a participant observer.

Best regards,