A new Hiveeyes fan from Sardinia Island, Italy!

Hello everyone!
I’m Giuseppe Tuveri, currently working as a Research Associate on embedded MPSoC architectures and rapid FPGA prototyping at the University of Cagliari, Sardinia Island, Italy [ https://www.linkedin.com/in/giuseppetuveri/ ].
More than that, I’m keen on farming activities and share with the Hiveeyes community the dream of making a cooperative and open-source smart farming platform, useful to share the knowledge between the farmers (or the beekepers) and to make the farming practices more productive, sustainable, and enjoyable.
To me, joining your project would be a great way to get familiar with the deployment of a low-cost and state-of-the-art beehive monitoring network able to evolve the beekeeping practices here in Sardinia, an island where lots of things (not only farming-related) need to be strongly improved. I’m thus ready to try leaving my humble contribution in terms of simple testing, opinions or hopefully in terms of tangible contributions.

See you!

Hey @gtuveri,

welcome on board.
taking the risk to present you redundant informations, i want to share to projects that came to my mind, when i read your introduction:

One recent on, is about cnc farming. it is a cute idea.
FarmBot - Open-Source CNC Farming | Hackaday.io

The other one is older, but much more impressive, since it is about real machines:


Thanks @einsiedlerkrebs for the interesting (and not redundant!) links

Dear Giuseppe,

i’m glad we made it through the troubleshooting:

Thanks a bunch for your feedback on the firmware and your help in getting the missing bits on the JSON serialization part right, we appreciate it!

With the Grafana login data we sent to you yesterday, you can clone your dashboard via “Save as…” under its own name to continue editing. By doing that, it gets decoupled from being automatically created and edited through our backend system, which was intended mainly for a wash & go quick start.

You can have a look at dashboards from other users to get an idea about what’s possible: @mois has just put some effort in it over the course of the last few days, see https://swarm.hiveeyes.org/grafana/dashboard/db/mois. Also, the dashboard of @mhies is worth a look, see https://swarm.hiveeyes.org/grafana/dashboard/db/muc-mh-b99.

Feel free to get back to us with further questions or individual requirements.

Have a good weekend,

Andreas, thanks again for your great support and for the precious information. Have a nice weekend too!


Hi there,

me and two colleagues of me found and solved a bug in MQTT Adafruit implementation [1]. We are then waiting for radio devices from china, then we will work on radio firmware and on testing a radio-wifi gateway, along with a custom PCB design. Finally, we took an hive and we now need to know how to place sensor within it, and also how to make the frame.

[1] subscription problem using readSubscription function (SOLVED) · Issue #76 · adafruit/Adafruit_MQTT_Library · GitHub

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Dear Giuseppe,

thanks for the update! We tried to guide the Q&A process into the both topics displayed above. Have fun!


Dear Andreas,
I’m sorry for being so lazy. Many thanks!

Giuseppe, there’s no need to apologize! We are just trying to structure the forum content in a sensible way and we are happy about your questions which enable us to reflect on the current state of development very well.

Keep it up and have fun!

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