A faulty hard disk on hiveeyes server hardware had to be replaced

Dear community,

at around 11:30 CEST today (Thu, 20 Jun 2019), we have been notified about a faulty disk in the machine hosting our datalogger- and aggregation backend services. For replacing the disk, we will take the system down for maintenance in the course of the next hours. Apologies for any inconveniences this will cause for you.

With kind regards,

Hi there,

the datacenter team managed to replace the faulty harddisk literally within minutes after we noticed them. As the replacement was done by hot swap, this will not incur any further downtime for our systems. Thanks a bunch!

However, please be aware that the performance of the system might be slightly degraded for some minutes while the RAID array is reassembling.



[==>..............]  recovery = 10.0% finish=36.7min speed=191110K/sec