€47k for German Open Source projects

I spotted this and thought of you Berliners

Der Prototype Fund unterstützt Softwareentwicklerinnen, Hackerinnen und Kreative dabei, ihre Ideen vom Konzept bis zur ersten Demo zu entwickeln.
Mit einer Förderung von bis zu 47.500€ könnt Ihr sechs Monate lang Code schreiben und Open-Source-Prototypen entwickeln. Wir fördern Projekte in den Bereichen Civic Tech, Data Literacy, Datensicherheit und Software-Infrastruktur.

Thanks Sam!

The Prototype Fund is a great thing. We already applied once, but are inclined to believe that our project doesn’t fit into the Civic Tech scope well. However, we will try to apply again in one of the following rounds.

Over the course of the last rounds, more individual focuses have been employed by PF. In the most recent one, the scope about “software infrastructure” was added, this category would probably fit best. During the early rounds where we applied once, the focus was more on Civic Tech and Data Literacy only.