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Audio Analysing Apps for Mobile Devices (3)
The BeeGuard system (1)
The APIcampus project in Toulouse Uni (3)
The IoBee project (3)
Bienenwaage 0.2 von Sebastian et al (4) (1)
Nectar - Beek-friendly apiary management platform (5)
Feedback to Beep Version 2, Preview (3)
Beep Version 2, Translation to German (1)
Apisfero and Melixa System projects (6)
Linux IIO in einer Bienenwaage (1)
Facebook Gruppe "Bauprojekt Stockwaage" (5)
OpenHiveScale - an original approach for weight measuring (3)
MKR1000 based System with LCD display by Petrache Valentin (2)
Veleda and HAPI: Automation for hydroponics and aquaponics (2)
The PhenoCam Network: An ecosystem phenology web camera network (1)
Article "Honey Bee Colonies Remote Monitoring System" (1)
The Beescale4 (BS4) by Jérôme Alphonse (1)
Commercial Scales from (3)
The "Hive monitor" project by David Heaf (3)
The "JobeeMonitor" project by Jody Noury (1)
The “BeeMonitor” project by Thomas van Bellegem (2)
Arnia Hive Monitoring Project (2)
Coloss - Any contact/ standardisation of sensors/ placement? (2)
Collection of other research and monitoring projects (1)